DIY Rustic Table

DIY Rustic Table  

I admit ... painting a table to create a rustic look can be pretty intimidating. I go to antique stores often, and see that so many people are able to do it so well. I have been afraid that I wouldn't be able to meet those standards!  

Then, one day I am at Green Table Gifts in Tempe, and the super sweet ladies that work there gave me some great pointers and tips! One of which included the suggestion to use Annie Sloan chalk paint. This paint is like magic - it doesn't require sanding or any other type of preparation prior to painting your furniture piece! After hearing that, I finally found the courage to try it out!

Supplies needed:
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
220 sandpapaper
Annie Sloan Soft Wax

I started with a great sofa table, a gift from my mom from the Bombay Company. Anyone else remember that store? They used to have some great items. Anyway, I wiped off the table from any dust then grabbed my handy paint holder, the Paint Eze and paint brush. I used a standard paint brush, but for a more coarse paint line, use an animal hair paintbrush.

table blog 5.png

The great thing about the Paint Eze is that you can store your paint in this bottle and squeeze out as much as you want, without wasting any paint. Such a great product!

table blog 1.png
Here’s how the table looked after the first coat

table blog 2.png

I then painted another coat of paint and allowed it to dry. Once it was dry, I started lightly sanding the table in specific areas to create the rustic look. You should use a 220 sandpaper. After I sanded the desired areas, I coated the wood with Annie Sloan soft wax. You can apply the wax with cheesecloth. It is easier to apply in sections of the table, then buff away immediately afterward with a clean cheesecloth.

table blog 3.png

Finished product- even if it’s my first chalk paint project I think it looks great!

table blog 4.png