The Backyard Wedding

For a lot of couples, they envision walking down the aisle at a particular venue. But what about the bride and groom looking for something a little more intimate? Those couples aren't looking for a grand ballroom or a cookie cutter ceremony package, they want something completely original. If you are one of those couples looking for a killer backyard ceremony and reception, it can be hard to think about how to turn your backyard into the perfect setting for your "I Do's". Here are a few tips for your backyard nuptials:

1) Don't reinvent the wheel (our your landscaping)! Use features to bring out the things you are most proud of in your yard. Do you have an amazing tree you have spent years creating memories under? Keep it simple with adding some lighting like a chandelier or 2. Add a seating area underneath so people can enjoy the feature as much as you do. Unless you have the budget to put in all new landscaping, think of how to use the areas that you love without breaking the bank. 

2) Be creative with that shed, walkway or room you want to hide. Use a large room divider or string a curtain or large sheet in front of it and use it for the Photo Booth staging area or completely decorate the area with your cake and flowers!

3) Pick your ceremony location. If you love the curb appeal your house has, have your ceremony at the Front Door! This can also allow you to have a few moments to see your backyard set up before the guests start filling up the space. Is the space lacking in size but you can't imaging saying your vows anywhere else? Set up a ceremony with standing room only. It makes it so intimate and personal to have your family gather around you- just make sure to provide a few seating options for the grandparents. 

4) Have some great ideas but struggling in execution? Hire a coordinator or enlist a few decor-savvy friends. You might see some things that you want, but bringing in some folks who don't see the space every day can help inspire you. Don't forget to ask your vendors for their recommendations. We work with couples all the time who know what they want to order, but don't know how to get it in the exact space they want- that's what we are here for! Just remember, most of your vendors have probably done this before so don't feel bad about asking (a lot) of questions!

5) Pick a setting for photos for your portraits. Do you have a wall of oleanders? A stone wall that you built together?  Do you live on or close to mountain? Take a few props with you and get amazing images of you in the scenery. The bottom line is, you chose a backyard wedding because you love your area, take full advantage of it!

Whatever you decide when planning your backyard wedding, make it all about the love you have for each other and your family and friends who have joined you on the big day. 

Happy Planning!