Weddings and Wine Barrels

The weddings that we work with here at Prim Rentals tend to be focused so much on creating focal points. Couples and planners come to us to help create a space that would have otherwise been, well, standard. We set up a lot of cocktail hour seating arrangements for people to catch up in front of some lawn games (giant Jenga is always a good time), we create memory and gift stations so guests can reminisce on their time with the bride or groom, and let's not forget to mention quite a few cake displays on Genevieve! Out of everything we have, one of the most common item that is requested from us is actually wine barrels. Not just 1 wine barrel, but 4 or 5 or even 13 at a time! They fit so beautifully in literally any landscape and can help set apart a cake table on a white linen covered 6ft rectangular table from a truly custom Cake Display with your stamp on it. We have delivered them to resorts all over Phoenix, venues in the middle of the desert, lush garden backdrops, anything you can think of. While we work on getting some more of those naturally gorgeously oak barrels, enjoy some of our favorite ways to have them displayed at a wedding or party!