Ceremony Arbors and Backdrops II

One of our favorite parts of working with couples is the arbor or ceremony backdrop selection process. We have rented our arbors or designed backdrops and set them up for quite a few weddings now and we have never seen any 2 the same. Every bride and groom always has the most fun making the arbor their own. Whether they add flowers, a chandelier, a green garland of eucalyptus, hanging vases with flower buds, ribbon, a simple wine barrel with bouquet of flowers, we could go on and on and on, but each one is unique. Have fun designing an arbor and don't feel bad if you only have an idea or rough sketch- that is what we are here for! Bounce questions off us and see what you can come up with! Take a look at some of our favorite arbors and custom ceremony backdrops we have helped create for couples and maybe it will help you as well!